BikeTrac by Hubio ltd. (Mobile & Tablet)

BikeTrac provides 3D map technology to monitor the user’s motorcycles and their locations. I was the lead designer in BikeTrac’s visual overhaul, working on it’s UX/UI to improve the product’s look and feel. Click here for the BikeTrac site

MiWorld by Hubio ltd. (Mobile & Tablet)

MiWorld provides 3D map technology to the insurance sector to create a driving tracker application. My work on MiWorld involved improving the UX/UI on the product, and injecting gamification ideology into it’s design to make it a more engaging product.

5 Star Wrestling by Serious Parody (Playstation 4 & Playstation 3)

Released in 2015, my work in 5 Star Wrestling as Designer has been in it’s UX, player feedback, cinematography, game feel and documentation.

Interstate Outlaws by Gastank Games, Dare to be Digital 2012

A Kinect title made in 9 weeks as part of a team of 5 people. I was the Team Leader and Lead Designer, focusing on the complex development of an innovative control scheme and 2 Player, single-screen, competitive Driving game. I also handled all of the game’s audio and the game’s trailer.

Bitzkrieg by Hebridean Productions (Xbox Live Indie Marketplace)

Made with a friend in our spare time during University, Bitzkrieg was developed and released in a year and a half to learn about a full, complete development cycle from concept to development to release to sales and marketing! I was game’s the designer, artist and audio engineer. Available for $1/69p on Xbox Live

Attack of the 50ft Woman! (Android Tablet / Mobile)

Entered as part of MolyJam 2013 (a 48 hour game jam), with a programmer friend. I created all of the game’s design, art and sound. Available for Free on Google Play

The Kooliseum (2 Player Freestyle Rap Game)

Made in another 24 hour game jam.

Poseidon Teaser, MProf Semester 3 Project

PC Single Player. Control the Poseidon, an advanced military submarine, as it embarks on a rescue mission to recover a crashed Mars shuttle and its crew from the depths of the Mariana Trench. Crushing pressure and the unknown dangers of the depths await you. Good luck, Captain – you’re going to need it. 

I was acting Game Designer, focusing on mechanics and gameplay design and created the game’s trailer

The Columns in The Fall, BA Game Design & Production Management Honours Project

Created as part of my dissertation on Cinematography, Player Psychology and Game Design. The game reads player behaviour and changes the camera based on the game’s interpretation of how that player wants to feel and play in the game world.

2012 Showcase Video


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